Nature's Cream

Enriched with Citrus Oils & Botanicals

Organic 100% pure essential oils mixed in shea butter. Power hydrator effective for all skin types.


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The passion behind Citrus Healing Cream...

My face is the picture you see above. I am almost 50 years old. I have been a Licensed Eshetician since 2012. What I see under my microscope lenses while giving facials are tiny inflammatory bumps caused by environmental factors, lifestyle, and inflammatory ingredients found in their products. So, I started the journey of how to get rid of them and create a smooth, soft, non-inflamed skin texture that most of my clients didn't know was possible until Citrus Healing Cream.


I am a client who recieves regular professional facials at Tara's Spa. I had a flare up of Eczema on my hands and my Doctor refused to continue giving me prednisone shots any more. Tara said, "Lets try my Citrus Healing Cream on your hands". To my surprise, it felt calming immediately. I purchased a bottle and noticed relief of pain and tightness right away. My hands began to heal and have remained healed. My friends and family can't believe the results! I use it on my face and any rough areas that flare up, too. My skin on my face feels super hydrated, even toned, and it smoothed out my fine lines, as well. I highly recommend this product!

Michelle Alice, Florida

My Acne Journey

I've struggled with acne for years, and by using the Citrus Healing Cream moisturizer my skin has cleared up so much! I've learned that with oily skin you still have to moisturize morning and evening after cleansing, to keep the oil production down. A little bit goes a long way. In the shown "after" picture I added a small amount of tint to this moisturizer to give me a more even-toned look. And that is all I like to use anymore.

-Sophia Woggon, Fl